The school provides transport facility to the students through its own buses for bringing in students from different localities to the school and vice versa.

The school provides transport facility in all routes Gaya or demand of students. The school has its own louses.

The school reserves the right towards providing bus facility to the students:-
  • A student using the school bus is expected to be at the bus stop at least five minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bus.
  • The student should be on the correct side of the bus.
  • Students are allowed to use only the allotted bus and bus stop. No change can be allowed without prior permission of the school in writing.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to drop their ward at the school gate if he/she missed the bus.
  • The buses will not wait for late come us.
  • No student should travel standing on the foot board.
  • Students must not move around in the bus when it is in motion.
  • The students are responsible for maintaining discipline in the bus. Any serious offence must be reported to the principal.