A community with high expectation and high academic achievement.


Admission are granted purely on the basis of merit and ability of the child. Test and interview for the selection of students are conducted in the mid week of January every year. Registration for admission starts from 1st week of December every year.

Note:- Birth Certificate, T.C., Marksheet, Character & Aadhar Number require at the time of admission.


  • Fees are not collected on Sunday’s and Holidays.
  • Fee should be paid on or before 10th day of each month. Otherwise fine of Rs.100/- will be charged for each month.
  • In case 10th day of the month is a holiday. 09th day of month shall be considered as the last day for fee payment for the month.
  • Must pay the “Yearly Fee” in the month of April and also submit the fee of May & June in May and February & March in February.
  • Fee of transport should be paid in advance else school vehicle will not board your ward.
  • Fee should be deposited during school hours.
  • If fee of two consecutive months are not paid, the name of student will be struck off from school register, Re-admission fee Rs. 500/- will be charged.
  • Fee-Card compulsory to deposit the fee.
  • The student, who is availing transport facility has to pay the fee of summer vacation & holidays also.
  • If any student does not want to continue the transport facility has to put an application one month before.


  • Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence, habitual late attendance, disobedience or objectionable behaviour of any kind may result in removal from the school.
  • 90% of total number of working days is must for a student to be present.
  • Absent without information means fine of Rs.5/- each day.
  • If absent without information till 15 days, the name of the student will be removed from school register and Re-admission will be charged.


  • The School buses ply on routes which are being catered by a fleet of school buses.
  • The School provides transport facilities in all routes.
  • The school is not responsible for an mis-haps during transportation.


  • Every student should be in proper school uniform (neat and clean), else he or she shall not be permitted to attend the classes/assembly.
  • The Principal will meet parents and guardians on working days only.
  • All the complaints must be made in writing and be addressed to the principal and not to any other member of school.
  • Parents are not allowed to meet teachers and students without prior permission.
  • The price of the school furniture equipment, apparatus, glass panes of other school property damaged by student due to carelessness will be charged.
  • Parents should deem their duty to be present at a Parent - Teacher Meeting.


  • School diary is a means of Communication with the teacher. The diary should be checked daily for home work and teacher’s remark.
  • Your child should have all the Text Books, note books etc. right from the beginning of the session.
  • Ensure that your child comes to school in proper uniform with polished shoes, trimmed hair and nails.
  • The child should be sent regularly and punctually to the school, no leave of absence will be permitted without an application and late comers will not be allowed to sit in the class.
  • Fees should be paid as per schedule.
  • Change in address and telephone No. should be intimated to the school office.