Arts and Crafts

A community with high expectation and high academic achievement.

The Creative Outputs Through Art & Craft

Art is a popular subject that encourages individual to explore and develop their creative potential. It helps our students to unleash the inner budding artist in them - and better understand art as a subject and not a mere hobby. The school has an art lab having facility for drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery and fabric design that serves as a workout session for the imagination prowess of our students. Five well trained art and craft faculty work throughout the year to nurture the talent of children.
City Public School promotes creative thinking and artistic expression. The students get the opportunity to showcase their skills in visual as well as performing arts through a variety of programs like competitions, festivals, workshops and shows. Not only does our art program nurture a passion for a specific art, it also inculcates an aesthetic sensibility and creativity in them.
Students are exposed to different mediums for a wholesome education in the artistic sphere. Portrait painting, clay modeling, sketching, crafts, Madhubani painting, and creating sculptures are some of the creative pursuits that students enjoy doing during their art and craft classes.